I started my work in the mental health field in 1995, and have been pleased to watch an understanding of the mind and body expand. We have more information now on how the chemistry of the brain impacts reality than ever before. I believe a holistic exploration of the habits, relationships, environments, nutrition, movement, and spirituality of an individual are part of forming a plan for better health. One of the unique challenges of our time is to find a sense of community and belonging in a fast paced, technologically driven world. With its many blessing, it separates us from each other and our selves.

So, what does counseling have to do with all that? When we first meet, we will first explore your presenting issue, what you have done to try and deal with it on your own, what your unique strengths are, and make a plan together to reach your goals. This will sometimes involve other care providers or homework, depending on the speed at which you would like to take your journey. Many times, a book, mindfulness exercise, a new practice or habit can take you to your desired outcome more quickly, and sometimes a slower exploration is necessary.

The counseling process is unique as each person is unique. You will define your goals and I will help you map the way, offering support, guidance, and a mirror for you to see yourself in. I believe we all have what we need inside of us to heal anything, but at times we get lost in the distractions of everyday responsibilities and the chaos life presents. Making a dedication to self exploration can open up our worlds and offer a richness of experience in relationships, work, and play. It can create meaning.Bee